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    Outdoor ranges in west central Indiana?

    Im meeting a friend from Illinois next Friday in west central Indiana. She would like to do some rifle shooting. Are there any outdoor ranges between 70 and 74 that have 100 yard rifle lanes?


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    I believe there is a public range right next to Shades state park

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtrain View Post
    I believe there is a public range right next to Shades state park
    There do be. 300 yards.

    $10 per day, shoot what you want, BYOT.

    If you get to Shades main entrance after leaving 234, you missed it. That, uh, narrows it down quite a bit.
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    Deer creek shooting range may be a little east of what you're looking for, but it's a nice facility with lanes out to 100 yards. Putnamville, about 2 miles N of 70 on the 243 exit.

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    That range by Shades is still open for business? Are you positive? I drove by there a handful of months ago and it looked completely out of business and kind of just taken over as the yard from the neighboring house?

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