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Thread: Grass Carp

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    I still care....Really
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    On my buddys property Raccoon creek cuts through one corner of it. What he said were Asian carp would span in an area where the creek turned and was wide.
    What looked like thousands of these creepy looking carp. He was told they were an invasive and destructive breed.

    We would gather there and set up. At light we would shoot the crap out of anything that was moving in that mess. Fish in a barrel.
    No we did not clean anything up as the dead went on to feed the turtles etc. But they have not gathered there in the last 2 years that he has seen.

    I get the grass carp and ponds thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johntheplinker View Post
    Y'all do realize that not all carp are created equal, right? There's the common carp, present in about every waterway in the country; then we have the silver carp which are basically the spawn of satan when it comes to ruining fisheries and a safety threat; and the grass carp, which are in only limited areas for a specific purpose and pose little to no threat to either safety or fisheries. About the only thing they have in common is being from the same branch of the taxonomic tree.
    All of them are invasive and should be treated exactly the same. Grass carp are not purposefully stocked in rivers in streams, those are escapees and despite claims to the contrary are not completely sterile.

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    I have decent luck catching carp using sweet corn niblets for bait.

    I Ďchumí the water sometimes with a slingshot to set up a scent line.

    Try a very small short-shank Owner or Gamakatsu hook, and tie a small loop of braid to the eye.
    Poke a small hole in niblet with a straightened-out hook, use opened eye of hook to pull braid loop through niblet.
    Now use a bobber stop to keep niblet on small loop.

    The niblet isnít attached to hook, thatís what makes this rig so deadly.

    As the carp snuffles on the bottom, it takes the bait in, then blows it back out, then back in again. With this rig, as it blows out, it hooks the fish in lip or top of mouth.

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    Hereís what it looks like [not my pic]

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    That is really cool! Haven't had time to do any fishing yet, been building a deck off the kitchen. I will use that hook arrangement when I do get a chance. Jim.

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