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Thread: Who camps?

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    Nope! No camping here. My 4.5 years in the US Army took away ALL desire I ever had for camping. Good on those who do enjoy it though.

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    I do tent camp on backpack hunts, and camper camping with the family all summer. I'm actually loading up the toyhauler tomorrow for a weekend trip to a Kentucky ATV park.
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    Ive tent camped most of my life, but finally bought a pop up this spring. We mainly camp at the Ferdinand State Forest with family and friends, but love to go other places. I have been on several backpacking trips, and highly recommend Big Bend National park, we did the 30 mile loop and it was awesome.

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    Baxter Pass, Colorado....

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    You should try Sycamore Springs park. It's a wonderful private park and our family's favorite. It is VERY family friendly as was built to be so.

    We also like Turkey Run, Shades, McCormick's Creek, Shakamak, Spring Mill and Clifty Falls. We live close to Ouabache and use it for our quick trips and it's not bad. However, we like the other state parks better. And we like Sycamore Springs over all the state parks.

    Now that we have a small travel trailer (only 18 foot) and a proper towing vehicle, we are planning on making out of state trips.

    We have not been out of state much, so I am interested in what others say about the western states.

    We want to start seeing the big western sites.....Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Durango Colorado with Mesa Verde (went as a kid), Yosemite, Zion, Mount Rushmore (assuming Antifa does not blow it up), Grand Teton. I am also looking at the Smoky Mountain park as well.
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    Love to camp, but don’t get to do it often enough. Locally we really enjoyed Lincoln State Park and Clifty Falls. Because it’s nearby, we’ve been to White River campground a bit. Of course there have been a few backyard camping trips and even a few tents set up in the living room for the boy. My wife and I camped in Tioga Pass outside Yosemite and it was one of the best places we’ve camped. We’ve also camped at White Sands, Grand Canyon (north rim), Smoky Mountains NP, North Padre Island among many more. Been in Indiana for 15 years and still haven’t done Turkey Run.

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    Turkey Run is awesome, I've always had a good time at Lincoln as well but my favorite has always been LBL in Kentucky.
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    Turkey Run, Shades and Brown county are my favorite places here in indiana to camp. I much prefer backcountry remote camping though.

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    Love camping! Primitive, tent camping for me. I try to go off season, as I enjoy the privacy. I love winter camping, just make sure you have good equipment!

    Here is a self shot of me camping at Spring Mill state park, I think I might have been the only person in the whole park!

    My nephew and I have camped out west a couple of times in the past. Pretty amazing out there, lots of open space.

    Here is my camp somewhere in Utah.

    And while in the west you get to see things like this. That is my nephew standing on the edge of Horseshoe Bend with the Colorado river 1,000 ft below.

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    We camp a few times each year. We used to camp quite a bit, but then we bought and moved to our 20 acre dream property so it is like being at the campground every day. crowds!

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