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    INGO AR-15 Lower Group Buy #3

    How to participate: Post in this thread "In for (1, 2, 3, etc)". Nothing more. Once you receive the payment address from me, send your payment along with a LEGIBLE AND PRINTED note that lists your username, number of receivers you want, real name, address, email and telephone number (see "helpful template" at the end of this post). Payments should only be multiples of $90 ($90, $180, $270, etc...). If I can't make out your chicken scratches or if you don't include all the required info, your order will be cancelled and funds returned to sender.

    Payment:Payment will be made in the form of USPS Money Order, cash, or cashier's check only. No other form of payment is going to be accepted (credit, debit, personal check, business check, any money order besides USPS). If you send me any other form of payment than the 3 accepted forms, it will be sent back and your order will be cancelled. Once you agree to purchase a receiver, I will send you a PM with where to mail payment. Payment due at this time will be for the amount of the receiver(s) only. You will be responsible for paying your chosen FFL for the transfer at the time of pick up.

    The particulars of the lowers:
    These lowers are standard, mil-spec AR15 lowers with custom INGO engraving and serial numbers, made by BCI Defense in Bremen, Indiana.

    Availability/Participation limit: There is no limit on participation in this group buy. Order as many as you want. There is a 50 piece minimum for this to proceed, but I am confident we'll get way past that.

    The timeline of this GB: The group buy will be open for order-taking for 2 weeks 3 Weeks!! (until September 17, 2016 at 1700hrs). There will be an additional one week grace period for funds to be received from buyers. At the end of the grace period week (September 23, 2016), the order will begin manufacturing by BCI and will take 8 weeks for production to delivery to the FFL. If your payment is not received by the end the grace week, your order will be cancelled.

    The FFL: The only official FFL and pick-up location for this group buy is Indy Trading Post, 2851 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, 46225. They will charge a flat transfer fee of $15 per 4473.

    Serial numbers: Anyone buying multiple lowers will get sequential serial numbers. We will not be taking requests for specific serial numbers so please don't ask. Lowers will be doled-out in random order so just because you are the first "in" doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the lowest serial number.

    Delivery: Once the lowers have been delivered to the FFL, I will PM all buyers as well as update this thread, to notify you that they are ready to be picked up. Buyers will be responsible for paying the transfer fee directly to the FFL at time of pick up.

    Pricing: Receivers are going to be $90 each, to be pre-paid as outlined above. Buyers will be responsible for transfer fees upon pick-up of their order.

    Miscellaneous Rules/Info: If you have ever attempted to participate in one of my previous group buys and have ended up reneging, you are not eligible to participate in this one... 'fool me once...' and all that... and yes, I do keep a list.
    Please don't message staff with 'special requests' if you cannot comply with the established parameters of this project. We know we cannot please everyone but we are doing our best, on our own time, to make this successful and not asking for nor receiving anything in return.
    Please DO NOT send me PMs simply to say 'thank you', make suggestions, or let me know you ordered or sent payment. The overwhelming volume of PMs from the last group buys make it impossible for me to reply to all of them.

    Questions: If for some reason you have a pertinent question that has not been covered above, please PM VUPDblue with your question. Do not send PMs to any other staff member or Admin with questions about this, as I am the sole point of contact for this project.

    The parameters/rules posted here supersede anything else that was posted anywhere else.

    Helpful template:

    User Name:

    Real Name:




    Number of lowers ordered:
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    In for 1!
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    In for 2

    (Updated from 1 originally)
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    In for two

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    In for 2.

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    In for one just like I said. Let's do this.

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    In for 2.
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    In for 2.

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    In for 1

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    One please.
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