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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackson View Post
    What was the GB cost per case vs buying a few cases on your own?
    Looking at the old thread the price per case was $62. Some folks, me included, rounded that up to $65 to help defray the OP's cost for gas, etc. I emailed the company via the link I posted. They have 2019 production in stock with cases at $75.00 each. The price break kicks in at 48 cases (a pallet) dropping to $60 each. So yeah, it is a way better price but laying out the initial $2,880, driving to Evansville, picking up a 4' pallet cube of cases and distributing them, please do.
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    I'm in for 3 if it happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VERT View Post
    I clicked Snorko’s link. Sweet Potato Grape Smoothie and sunflower butter? What!!!!!
    Not sure it'll be much worse then the "dairy shake" when it comes to the smoothie.
    I'm with you on sunflower butter. What happened to good old crackers and PB? Even the kids would enjoy the PB.
    I much preferred the ones with M&Ms vs Skittles (can't do Skittles) and now it looks like you don't get a candy at all. What's with that?
    Those mints were always good to turn to a sticky blob and epoxy some stuff together in the pack by the time I got to them too. If they aren't included, I'm happier.

    Anyway, if someone pulls the trigger, I'd do a refresh on a couple boxes and give this sunflower thing a try.
    After that glowing review about organizing previously from Shibumi, I'm not holding my breath.

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    I'd take 2 if it ever happened!

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