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    If they can be delivered near Fort Wayne, then Deal 1 Qty 2
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    Haven, quantity 1, deal 1 & deal 2

    For the South & West side of Indy people, down to around Martinsville I can help with delivery. I am in Fishers every day during the week and could pick up from someone up there.

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    Glockman23c, qty 1 deal 1.
    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    Get outta my damn yard.......
    Quote Originally Posted by db1959 View Post
    The wind likes to blow my balls around.
    I will not give, not one more inch. No more compromise. From my cold dead hands.

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    Jedi, with my continued escapade going on trying to find a battery for Uv-5r ex model i would recommend switching to just the UV-5R. The batteries between the 2 radios is different and i can not find the correct battery anywhere in my searching for the EX model.
    Just my 2 cents but replacement batteries are not to be found

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    Update on trying to find replacement battery for the EX model.
    Contacted a place in South Dakota that specializes in Baofeng equipment. They dont even stock this model due to the fact that everything is proprietary it. All accessories, battery, charger, etc.
    I did order a battery for the Uv-5r and am going to see if i can make it work in the EX model. Wont know on that till Monday evening however.

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    My charger works for my ex and hp.
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    Still waiting on vendor to confirm if the AAA battery works.
    im 99.99% it does not. if so i have asked to see if we can get the uv-5r version which we know does fit with that AAA case.
    will post when i have more info. vendor is overseas and between translator and timezone dif its a slow process on negotations.

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    I post this in the other thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by AngryRooster View Post
    I have one of those AA battery packs for the UV-5R. I never really use it. It's like this one except it's not by Btech. I looked in my order history and it seems the seller I got it from back in 2014 is gone now.

    If anyone has one of these EX model radios and wants to try it out let me know, you can have it. I haven't used it in years and don't really plan to.

    ETA: IIRC I had to do some mild filing of the top to get it to fit without popping off the radio like Camerymonkey's did above. Once it was together and fitted to the radio it seemed to stay attached well enough. They are cheaply made and probably not checked for fit very well at the factory.

    I do have one of the extended 3800 batteries and it fits much better. There was minor filing but it snaps right into place and holds tight. It fills the hand well, great for playing with satellites.
    Quote Originally Posted by lonehoosier View Post
    So I got this in the mail today. Thanks AngryRooster.

    It did not fit the newer version UV-5R EX model. The hook on the latch is much fatter then the new version and also those ears on top won’t let it slide in ether. You would have to remove the ears completely and also file the back of the hook so it could insert into the radio latch. So this means the older version batteries won’t work out of the package. It may work if you highly modify it. I have not found a source for extra UV-5R EX batteries. The group buy may want to switch to the older version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldirector View Post
    IF they concealed their contempt as well as they concealed their handgun, it would be a much more meaningful conversation.
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    Please note the group buy is now for the origianl uv-r5 radio due to the battery issues. price remainds the same.

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