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Thread: Group Buy: F5Mfg Can Launchers

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    Group Buy: F5Mfg Can Launchers

    Group Buy: I have wanted a can/smoke can/net/golf ball launcher upper for an AR for a while but have a problem with XProducts from the time they apologized for being in the firearms business. I understand that F5Mfg makes the launchers for them, and if you buy 4 launchers you get one (1) free. That's about $35 savings per launcher from the $169 list price.

    I decided to get a group buy to buy 5 of the launchers for the price of 4. I have another interested party already, so including mine, that'd be 2. I need 3 more to make it work.

    Reply here that you're in and we can work out payment to me and the color you want and whether you want one with the flag on it. The launchers with the golf ball insert are $169 + s/h. With the free one factored in the price would go down to about $135 + s/h.

    Bags of blanks are $25/ 50 blanks, and I'd be willing to also order those so that people can take advantage of the discounted/bulk shipping/handling from F5Mfg. Certainly I won't charge anything on top. My plan is to distribute the shipping costs to the group based on what you order.

    Things to note:
    1) I'm in Indianapolis so you'll have to coordinate to meet me when they are delivered or we'll work out shipment on your dime.
    2) I need to get paid in advance of the order for you to be included in the deal.
    3) I'll communicate along the way and be very transparent in the total cost breakdowns, etc. I'm not looking for free stuff for myself, just have trouble justifying the purchase and would like to get $35 off and save some on shipping.
    4) I can take PayPal F&F, Venmo, Cash or USPS Money Order.
    5) I'll order as soon as I have enough committed and paid.

    The Group Buy closes when I get my 3 more participants. If there is YUGE interest and fast, I'll order up to 10 (8 with 2 free) but don't really want to deal with the distribution of more than that.

    I've never seen these before so cannot vouch for their quality, how fast they'll come, or anything like that. Also not responsible for anything dumb people may do with them in the future once they receive them...

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    I am interested more in the Threaded style ... ( ) as I have a Zastava with 26x1.5mm Left Hand threads - so I will need a Adapter to the 1/2" x 28 AR style Launchers

    The LOW Price makes me wonder about quality / safety ... anyone have experience with the sub $50 adapters ?
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    I'm sorry.... But what exactly is this for? Is this like a can launcher or is it like those "oil traps"

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    It shoots 12 ounce beverage cans from an AR using blanks. You can also launch golf balls and other items. No solvent traps for me. Thatís a slippery slope in my humble opinion.

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    This includes an entire upper and the associate cannon/barrel. Itís my understanding itís all welded to the upper. Only the golf ball launcher is threaded into the upper for launching smaller items. I think what you need for the AK adapter is something completely different.

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    Ok that's cool and I support your right to it but....why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullmetaljesus View Post
    Ok that's cool and I support your right to it but....why?
    With so many places beating dicks I think it's gonna hurt dicks bad.

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    Super fun. We had one of these at an FNRA fundraiser barbeque. Set a trashcan out about 75 yards and charged $20/3 shots. addictive as heck.
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