What should I bring to the workshop?

  1. Fiddle
    So I am trying to think ahead and was wondering what I should bring to the 1911 workshop.
    Here is what I have so far:
    - 1911 - does it matter if I bring a compact or would I be better served to bring a full size?
    - eye protection
    - money for lunch

    What about tools or parts?

    Maybe a fat stack of 100's to see if AllenM or Churchmouse will sell me one of their previous builds?

    Just wondering.
  2. johny5
    DrillSgt, CM and AllenM will all have their tools with them. So, we should be set for specialty tools.

    I will be bringing a cooler and some bottled water and AllenM will be supplying some coffee.

    We are planning to get some burgers for lunch (or maybe pizza if we cannot swing the logistics).

    A full-sized pistol may be better since that is what I anticipate the majority will have with them.
  3. churchmouse
    Yes bring the full size please. Easier to learn on.

    How high is you stack of hundreds.......
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