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Friendly/Not Friendly OC locations in the Fort

  1. IndianaSigma
    Just wanted to get a feel for the acceptance of OC in Fort Wayne. I've had my LTCH for just a week now and CC on a regular basis, but have only had the courage to OC to the Marathon gas station off Maysville Rd. I know the people in there because I go there pretty regularly.

    If you've had good experiences OCing, share the places and experiences on here. If you've had bad experiences....share them as well. Thanks in advance to all those that post.
  2. Fishe39392
    I've been OCing around the FW area for a little over a year, and have never had any problems anywhere I've been. I frequent the Maysville Rd area quite a bit (I work at the Kohl's in Chapel Ridge, and used to work at the Walmart that's right there as well.) You can PM me if you want/have any questions.
  3. IndianaSigma
    I appreciate the response. This is exactly what I was looking for as I live off of Maysville between Chapel Ridge and Blackhawk and go to the Chapel Ridge stores for just about everything.
  4. vinnivanhood
    I live just off of N.Clinton near Holland Elem. I OC around home like if I'm riding a bike with my kids but never gone into a store or anyplace without concealing, I figure its only going to freak people out which is not my goal. I have had police near my home stop me and check my ID & license a few times because I was open carrying but that experience varies depending on the officer. I wonder tho if any of you have or know where I can shoot around here?! I dont care for range rules and theres no open country that I know of nearby. -V-
  5. IndianaSigma
    There are a few options around here.....none that great though. There is Freedom Arms (indoor fire range) on Coliseum Blvd., J.E. Roush range in Huntington (DNR Range), another good DNR range is located in Mongo, IN at Pigeon River Wildlife Area. Mongo is an hour away, though......

    Some other INGO members have suggested these, but I don't know much about any of them:

    Ossian Gun Club.
    Ft Wayne Rifle and Revolver.
    Izaak Walton Club
    St. Joe Valley Conservation Club
    Hillside in Roanoke

    I usually go to Freedom Arms (formerly H&H Firearms)'s easy and close. If anyone knows about any better places to shoot at, let me know as well. A good outdoor place would be great.....
  6. tatic05
    I go to Antwerp Conservation Club. I live on NE side of town and I get there in about 20-30 mins depending on traffic. Its not very expensive, its SAFE and pretty quiet there too. There is one other INGO member that goes there, some old bone-head . (Rugertoter) Check them out here. Antwerp Conservation Club
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