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Private Ranges?

  1. vinnivanhood
    Anyone care to share a place to plink? I'm not into range rules and cant afford the cost anyway, I'd rather buy ammo! I'm from Wabash originally and the one and only thing I miss about it is being able to shoot whenever! There doesnt seem to be anywhere remote enough anywhere near here that I know of anyway. I live near Holland Elementary on N.Clinton and I would greatly appreciate some help! Thanks -V-
  2. HenryWallace
    I do have two private ranges that I frequent. One I built (Merely a 8ft L x 5ft deep x 4ft tall bullet stop) up in Spencerville off of Tonkel Rd. Probably the one that you'd be able to get to easily. The other is the exact opposite direction out by 469 off of Winchester Rd. I'm up for it sometime. I Don't mind sharing with like minded people.
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