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Allen County

  1. Kimbertrace
    Good morning! We need to get some members!
  2. Cozy439
    I'm here, that's 1 more member. Outside of New haven
  3. silentvoice71
    anyone wanna meet up for some food???? pick a day get some people together?
  4. Bapak2ja
    Just joined INGO and found this link for local members. I would be interested in setting up some kind of get acquainted gathering if there is interest.
  5. Hondo
    Count me in...would like to get into shooting skeet and clays if anyone has experience
  6. JohnP82
    Hello to all from Fort Wayne!
    I notice some of the users here, but just wanted to point out in case some of you didn't see. There is a Ft. Wayne meet and greet on Jan. 2nd @ Cracker Barrel on Maysville Rd. @ 9 am. Thread going in the INGO events forum.
  7. T-rav
    Hellooooo Ft Wayne INGO'ers! Be sure to come out to the meet and greet breakfast I have organized, its in the INGO Events forum
    hey here everyone! i live in Fulton county but was severely burnt in 2004. so i spent 70 days in the burn unit at Saint Joe. so i have come to know Ft. Wayne well.
  9. No Time to Shoot
    No Time to Shoot
    I didn't realize there was an Allen County social group till just now...
  10. JohnP82
    just wanted to let everyone know we have a utah ccw class set up in fort wayne on feb. 20th. class is taught by jim floyd of dpg. the link is in the tactics and training forum.
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