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  1. Lars
    Looking to see if there is Interest in INGO cycling Jerseys @ $39 each?
  2. Indy_Guy_77
    Lars, I wouldn't be interested in a jersey. I no longer ride...
  3. Pami
    Count me in for a jersey! But you knew that already...
  4. stilllearning09
    Yes, I would be interested in a jersey. For future reference, log on to for future organized rides.
  5. stilllearning09
    I found this list of organized bike rides in Indiana.
  6. Que
    Guys, let's get something organized for the coming fall season.
  7. LocustsOfSteel
    I like biking, and love my homemade 80cc two stroke powered mountainbike/moped. Thought I'd represent
  8. gage
    Beer Ride 2010! Let's ride!
  9. stilllearning09
    I just got the info on the beer ride. Sounds like fun!!
  10. stilllearning09
    It’s time to sign up for the Girlfriend Ride…no guys allowed! This one is just for the ladies. Join us Saturday, June 18 for a Girlfriendriffic Bike Ride. Sign up now and get our Super Cool Ladies Cut Designer T for just 95 cents! This is a one-time, never to be duplicated offer…avoid the remorse of missing this Great Deal! Go to now.
    This a copy of an e-mail sent to me. For any ladies interesed in a ride, this one is a lot of fun, and it's a fairly flat ride.
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