Boy Scouts of America

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  1. Bucky623
    I was in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts as a youth and later spent some time as a Scouter (adult leader). My oldest son will probably be joining Tiger Cubs soon and I, most likely, will be back in Scouting in some capacity.

    Even the years I wasn’t active in Scouting I always considered myself to be a member of a brotherhood of Scouting. Many of the things that I learned as a Scout came to be a way of live for me and will always be with me.
  2. DHolder
    Troop 231, Mooresville, In. Anyone else in the area? Fall Jamboree comming up, what are you guys doing? We are working on our historical badges, signaling, tracking.
  3. G_Stines
    I was involved as a Youth in BST 301, in Danville, IN. Now that I'm out of school, I've gone back and donated time as a merit badge counselor and as a ASM. Im fairly surprised this group isnt bigger....
  4. DHolder
    Found out last night, we will be going to Friendship, for muzzleloading, and to muscatatuc for jamboree.
  5. Bucky623
    The week of Sept. 13 is ‘Join Scouting Week’ for our district. (the same district as Kokomo) My oldest just turned 7 and is excited about Cub Scouts.

    Last year one of the leaders said that they have a pretty good Pack there at the school (country school) but no leadership for a troop so the boys that want to be in Boy Scouts have to go to a troop in town about 12 miles away from the school.
  6. miguel
    Howdy fellas. I'm involved with Scouts in Noblesville. Anyone hear about The Crossroads of America Council shooting sports committee? I got an email from them looking for Scout leaders to participate in NRA-provided training for range officers and instructors. I emailed them, but they only had twelve slots and I was number thirteen to respond.

    They put me on the list for the next session, possibly in Spring 2011.
  7. PapaScout
    Hello Scouters! I grew up in Scouting (Prairie Council in IL) and loved the program. All three of my sons are in Scouts now - the youngest in Cubs and the two older boys in Boy Scouts.
  8. SavageEagle
    Hey guys! Can't wait til my son is old enough for scouts. My father was my troops scoutmaster while I was in and helped push me to finish on my own. Received Eagle at 15 (Troop 248, Buffalo Trace Council) and Brotherhood in OA. Any Vigil members among us?
  9. Bucky623
    I e-mailed the school today to try to find out who was in charge of Cub Scout recruiting. It didn’t take long to get a reply from the Cubmaster. (I think she works at the school) She said they were a little behind this year but will have a ‘Join Scouting Night’ soon. She commented that they didn’t have a den leader for the Tiger Cubs yet. Can you guess what her next question was? You got it. She asked, “Would you be interested?

    My wife says ‘go for it’ and my mother, who was my den mother when I was in Scouts, told me that I have been talking about Scouting every time I see her for the past few months so I should go ahead and volunteer.
  10. Bucky623
    @ miguel

    I was with a troop in the late 90’s whose districts spring camporee was at the Izaak Walton League in Logansport, IN. They had four events. Shotgun, rifle, archery and tomahawk. The scouts and scouters would compete for medals and ribbons.

    I wasn’t part of the hosting troop but I helped out with three of the four events as well as the shotgun range at Camp Buffalo during summer camp. Sometimes when we had some down time we would get in some trigger time with personal ammo and clays that somebody had in their trunk. I loved every minute of it, both working with the Scouts and the trigger time.
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