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Brotherhood of the Modified Mosin Nagant

  1. N_K_1984
    We may never get a sticky, but we have a social group and that is just as good. Invite fellow Mosin enthusiasts that you know! Spread the word good word, Mosins CAN be accurate!
  2. MrSmitty
    Mine is still stock, but kinda want a scope....does that make me bad?
  3. sgreen3
    Sounds good to me, Thanks for the invite. Ill have to get some finished pics of mine posted up on here.
  4. N_K_1984
    MrSmitty, Welcome to the brotherhood.To answer your question, No that does not make you bad. A purist may say yes, but we, The Brothers of the Modified Mosin Nagant are a forgiving, fun loving people.

    sgreen3, you're welcome! Glad to have you! Welcome to the Brotherhood.
  5. Josh Smith
    Hi Gents, thanks for the invite.

    Can I bother you folks to look at this thread? I'm feeling for a market.


  6. Josh Smith
    Oh, and you might invite Mosineer. I've never done these groups before and am still figuring out how to them!


  7. 2cool9031
    Hey...Count me in. I am probably one of the original Mosin offenders. Yeah I have a couple that I wouldn't modify....but not the rest, I make my own bolt handles, drill and tap the receivers for scope mounts and even make my own scope mounts. Also mounted Marbles front ramp and Williams front sight to a couple.
  8. jason867
    I haven't modified my 91/30 yet, but it shows great potential so I will be 'bastardizing' it
  9. N_K_1984
    Josh Smith, jason867, 2cool9031, Welcome guys! Glad to have `ya!
  10. Mosineer
    Thanks for the invite folks. I am definitely a Mosin manic. I have a dozen or so Mosins but have not really bubba'ed one up. I did swap out a 91/30 to a ATI stock and scoped it. But can go back original if'in I decide to.

    Here is a pic from a couple of years ago with the ATI/ Scoped Mosin on the right. I will get some updated pics up soon....

    Thanks again......just gotta luv them Mosins!!!
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