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New to Group

  1. Scott223
    hello from down in johnson county. I am new to INGO and also new to this group. doesn't seem like a lot of activity here. What do you guys normally talk about? I am just starting to get into reloading, is there anyone here that does this? Would love to get with like minded people and trade tips and tricks to this process and also share info about the best places to buy components and such.

  2. ScrapbinBobber
    Hi there Scott, I am also new to INGO and this group. Still trying to get the ins and outs of this forum. I would be interested in keeping in contact with other like minded people close to home. Some day soon we might have to rely on each other.
  3. youngmanjr1970
    Hi there from Johnson County. Franklin to be exact. looking forward to talking with like-minded individuals.
  4. cb46184
    Hi Scott,
    I've been a member of INGO for a couple years but haven't posted much. I'm retired and live in Johnson County (New Whiteland). Glad to see another south sider on INGO.
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