Hey everybody

  1. Mosinowner
    Hey all. List the cheap guns you own $300 or less or given to you. Ill start

    Mosin nagant Dragoon date 1925 hex 7.62x54r
    Nagant Revolver 7.62x38
    410 shotgun remington single shot
    Remington 870 12 gauge
  2. mattdennis3
    Hey. I'm definitely a member of this. Everything thing I own was less that $300.

    Hi-Point C9
    S&W 22a
    Winchester single shot .22
    Remington 870

    Thanks for starting this.
  3. Mosinowner
    I'm adding my new one. Mauser m24/47 8mm
  4. mydoghasfleas
    SKS Yugo m66-a1
    Maverick 88 12 gauge pump
    Kel-tec P-3at
    I prefer to think of them as "cost effective" lol. Nice list btw.
  5. cjfarmer
    Mossy 500 combo
    AMT .380 backup
    Winchester Model 190 .22
  6. brooks45
    Wife only lets me buy cheap guns so I'm in...

    Highpoint 45 jhp
    mossy 500
    savage mark II
    And the list goes on......
  7. wmbraswell2
    The definition of cheap is up to the individual. I have inherited most of my collection. I have built a few $400 or less ARs and gotten a new P22 and Mossberg 500 off gunbroker for half price. But I feel all are soundly made.
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