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  1. H.T.
    Brothers & Sisters!
    Sound off! Let us know. Where, MOS. unit & Branch!
  2. H.T.
    Gulf war Iraq. 11Charlie infantry. Morterman, 1st.
    Cavalry Division. 1/5 Cav. Army.
  3. PriestEG
    2005 Jan-2010 Jan. 2OIF 1MEU in 2nd Bn 5th Marines G co. highest decorated battalion in the Corps
    MOS- 0331 infantry machine gunner.
  4. rogerdt99
    1st Gulf War. 19K M1A1 Tanker. 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment, 2nd Squadron, Fox Troop.
  5. Vince49
    Jun 69 to Feb 71, Lieutenant Infantry, MOS 1981 (Commissioned rotary wing Aviator) D Troop 3/5 Aircavalry, Aeroscout. (RVN) Republic of South Viet-Nam.

  6. racr28
    11B3O Medically retired
    DMZ Korea 2002 A Co 1/506INF 2ID
    Mosul, Iraq 2003 C Co 3/327INF 101ABN(AASLT)
    Ar Ramadi Iraq 2006 A Co 1/506INF 101ABN(AASLT)
  7. CavMedic
    2008-2012 United States Army...1/7 Cav, Combat Medic, OIF-OND
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