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Crazy Right-Wing Extremist Nutjobs

  1. Tryin'
  2. Ogre
    I guess I could belong to this group. Die hard Libertarian here, do what ever the fark you want as long as it doesn't impact me or mine! Down with politicians, long live the Constitution.
  3. rayf268
    so who do the Right-Wing Extremists here think should run for prez in 2012
  4. NordicHeathenVinlander
    No more of the same, liberal pukes or those who dont give a rats *** about the Constitution or The people.
  5. BloodEclipse
    We need to advertise.
  6. TheDude
    I was crazy right-wing extremist nutjob when crazy right-wing extremist nutjob wasnt cool!
  7. mike8170
    COOL, I found someplace the D.H.S. says I belong!
  8. Caldad
    Aaaah! It's good to be home!
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