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  1. chewylax8
    Just picked up my FNX9! Love it so far.
  2. U.S. Patriot
    U.S. Patriot
    I put another 165 rounds through my FNP9 today. That makes a total of 550 with 0 malfunctions.
  3. chewylax8
    Finally had the chance to take the FNX to the range, way more accurate than I am for sure. 150 or so rounds and zero issues. It ate everything I fed it, 100 rounds of 115gr Brown Bear, 50 rounds of 124gr FMJ Winchester Ranger, and 5 rounds of 147gr Gold Dots just to make sure they would feed.
  4. shadow6492
    Hello fellas,
    I'm a big FN fan and have a FiveSeveN and a FNP9 USG. Looking to purchase a Scar someday.
  5. fnpfan
    I was my Brownings count as well? they are made by FNH
  6. Titanium Man
    Titanium Man
    Hey just found this group! Hi Everyone. Is anyone able to put the FN logo up as our avatar? Nicer than a question mark.
  7. Boonl1776
    I have a FiveseveN and am very pleased with it. Fortunately, I bought alot of ammo last fall. I am currently looking for an FNX in .45 but not having any luck at the moment.
  8. davidc912
    Bought an SLP 3 or 4 years ago... still the baddest machine in the safe. just got an FS2000. neither is overrated.
  9. Sainte
    FN SLP, love the thing!
  10. fnpfan
    I still own all of my FN'S plus I have added some new ones to the collection, I just can't seem to pass them up!
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