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gun license

  1. burt gummer
    burt gummer
    hello i have a question about a gun license in noblesville. im moving to noblesville and i use to live in traverse city michigan and i bought a gun and got the license, i want to bring it from michigan to here, is there anything i have to do to own or have my gun from michigan to indiana? anything to transfer? thanks for any info
  2. No2rdame
    I believe you just need to fill out an application with the Noblesville Police Dept and pay applicable fees. Off the top of my head I believe it is $10 to the state and $30 to the city for a 4 year license or $40/$75 for a lifetime one. That is for the carry permit, but I don't believe there is anything you need to do as far as transferring the gun. After a long hiatus of enjoying guns myself I'm finally getting involved again, and I moved from Mississippi to here about seven years ago. I didn't have to do anything then and I don't think the law has changed.
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