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Looking for property to train on

  1. sentinelrepublic
    Include what county you live in, if you have a carry license and what kind of caliber you want to shoot!
  2. sentinelrepublic
    Looking for private property with a safe backdrop for.223 and 9mm. I live in hamilton county. have some range supplies; masking tape, cardbord panels, Black sharpies and two tarps to help catch brass.
  3. MightyAdams1
    I live in Hamilton County and would love to find a place where I can shoot 50BMG. Ever since they closed Atterbury to civilians I don't have a place to shootis unless I can find some private property with a decent hill/backstop.

    I also have 223 and various range supplies and a metal swing target.
  4. sentinelrepublic
    I have a really good lead on really good property, I will let you know how it goes!
  5. salemons
    I live in LaPorte county. This sounds like a lot of fun and might be a great learnin experience. Good to find your limitations before it gets for real. IDPA sprinting is usually no more than 20 yards. Don't know of any place up this way but would be willing to travel some if a place becomes available.
  6. SilentWarrior1
    Excellent. I'm waiting with baited breath!
  7. sentinelrepublic
    I was able to get out to some property with the owner and do some run and gun! It was in columbus Indiana, so anyone in the central indiana area should consider making the drive! I will let you guys know when we go out next time! Probably a max of five people at a time, so the first reponders to the post will get to go out with us!
    Safety is a big issue, so expect to be watched like a hawk, if you come out with me!
  8. SilentWarrior1
    I'm definitely interested!
  9. Westside
    would love to come out and see how it is runs/works. Then shoot if I like it the following time you guys plan a meet.
  10. superman63086
    I live in Franklin, need someplace to just do target, for up to .308 and hand gun rounds. Need something closer, within 5-10 minutes. Atterbury is still about 25-30 min
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