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Rules of meeting arrangements

    I'm sure we'll also find certified Range Officers like me that can also help out. Some of us also shoot competitions here and there and that could help with course designs and such.
  2. sentinelrepublic
    Thats awsome Mr. Hickman!
  3. IndyGlockGuy
    As one of the "New Guys", I was invited by my nephew Patrick as some of you know. You have to also think about looking from both directions. I personally will NOT shoot with people I don't trust. The short version as I said to Nick, I'm going to watch before participating. Part of that watching has been at our monthly dinner gatherings. It will be the same as the group I hunt with. We've been around each other enough that I can tell you what they are going to do before they do it. I am comfortable with them in any situation. Without hesitation I will state that I have been impressed by the folks I've had the opportunity to socialize with. I have learned from them and have enjoyed the conversation. I will be doing that for a couple more months before I join the group at a shoot. I have watched the videos as they have been posted & like what I have seen. I have always owned rifle & shotgun.
  4. IndyGlockGuy
    That is where most of my experience has been from 11 years old to present. I have shot pistol from time to time but not on a regular basis. Again as some of you know, I have recieved my Indiana Carry license and have a new Glock21 Gen4 on the way. Before I participate, I will be getting comfortable with it before going to a shoot with the group. Keep the dinner outings going and we'll be fine. I also have to say, I bring my wife along so she may meet and learn about the members. If she is not comfortable with me participating, I will not participate. For those who have met Roxanne, you probably wouldn't think that she held her carry license years before I applied for mine. As she learns more about the group, I'm sure she may want to participate in some way. Anyway, as I stated, look "Both Ways". The picture you paint for others is as important as what you see also.
  5. GIJEW
    Hi, as another newbie--who probably hasn't met most of you--I'll start with my "credentials"
    I was an infantryman in the Israeli army '81-'83; NRA basic pistol instructor/RSO; competitive shooter.
    I mostly shoot CMP/NRA 'high power' and some small-bore matches. I'm interested in this group because the only time I get to shoot away from a square range, is the occasional USPSA/IDPA match--which isn't training per-se.
    Do you have sessions already planned, if not, where/when are you doing that?
    FWIW, I've had my LTCH for over 25 years.
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