INGO Atheists

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  1. Jon Craig
    Jon Craig
    Big group, eh?
  2. jdhaines
    Haha, I thought that too. I hear about them "out there"...I figured "If I make it...they will come!"
  3. Jon Craig
    Jon Craig
    Apparently slowly, but hey - we're up to 3! Woot!
  4. RacineDKringle
    Howdy everyone! =), hopefully more out-atheists will join us!

    To provide an appropriate bribe, I bake *really* tasty bread. I also make some fine oxtail stew.
  5. jdhaines
    Hmm...I'm not sure if oxtail stew will be the draw we're looking for...
  6. ATM
    I'd like to sample the bread and stew before I contemplate denying my faith.
  7. jdhaines
    I think there are more people on INGO that fit in here than it would initially seem based on some recent thread comments.
  8. DarkRose
    Ooooh, the group is growing...
  9. indyk
    Some here might appreciate this one
  10. buzzined
    Hello from a Merrillville non believer
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