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  1. hacksawfg
    Make it healthy & easy. Try to include meat on main courses so people on INGO will want to eat it
  2. Rayne
    Get some boneless skinless chicken breast and some frozen stir fry vegetables from the grocery store. Cut the chicken up in to small chunks, say about twice the size of a dice or a little bigger. The bigger the pieces the longer it needs to cook. Cook it in a non-stick pan, I use a wok, but a skillet would work too. After the chicken is done dump the stir fry vegetables in with it. Don't drain the chicken juice. I then season it with a Marion Kay spice called BAM. You could use any seasoning that you like. Cook it until the vegetables reach the tenderness you like. Either crispy or soft depends on how long you cook them. Makes for a very healthy meal, inexpensive and you can get a lot of volume for few calories.
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