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  1. cyprant
    I have a problem with over eating and binging on garbage...
    Pair that with less than average ability to cook HEALTHY meals and about 20 minutes to figure out dinner every night and its a wonder that Im not 100 pounds heavier...
    I avoid mirrors to keep my warped self image of Brad Pitt in tact. I quit smoking with the help of Ingo a few months ago by letting it all hang out, so I might as well do it again here...

    Post your pitfalls and maybe we can help each other out...
  2. perry
    Yea I like cake and cookies and ice cream and pizza and... And lots of it. I almost always clean my plate because I rarely feel full. It takes a lot to fill me up and make me want to stop eating. I feel like that is my "biggest problem." I know what to eat I just eat too much of it.

    I try to avoid buying the sweets and stuff except for the hundred calorie packs and things like Skinny Cow ice cream. I pack my lunch to work three days a week to help control what and how much I eat. We go out for Chinese on Tuesday and Thursday is taco salad day at the work cafeteria. I could cut the taco salad but it's too good
  3. cyprant
    I also rarely feel "full". I am starting to wonder if I need to just become comfortable with the lack of feeling full.... ugh that sounds horrible, I just love to eat.
  4. Andy219
    I have the rarely feeling full problems too. What I've read suggests we should not eat until were full, but to eat until we are no longer hungry. Which also means not to eat fast, slow down when you eat so your body can have time to say I'm not hungry any more. Which in turn will help us way more times a day, which they say is better.

    My problem is I eat fast and big, but then I'm good for the day. Most days I only eat once a day, but over the course of 3 years eating like that has helped me gain 130 pounds.

    So I'm working on eating small and slow.
  5. hacksawfg
    I'm sure a lot of that comes probably with age, especially when parents told you to "clean your plate," etc. Also, the fact that they give you about 30 minutes to cram your lunch down your gullet in school.
  6. Wreaver
    Feeling full is on my plate too. Chocolate, I'm pretty sure I was born with a woman's sweet tooth. I've started different work outs and what not, I'll get a week or 2 in and then like clock work I'll fall off the wagon. I'll give myself an excuse , too busy or whatever, to make a decent lunch and then have a burger.
  7. Hoosierbuck
    After decades of intentional overeating to gain weight for football, I totally understand and experience the ability to eat huge quantitites without feeling full. Now I limit myself and stop even though I don't feel "full"-most of the time. (That's while I am at the table, afterward when it all hits bottom, I am usually quite comfortable with how I feel having eaten less, even though at the time I coulda just kept going.)
    Here are a couple ideas I have used: Pound a big glass of water before you sit down. Eat double portions of fuits/vegetables, without cheese, or gravy, or any of that-before you dig into the main dish. Really limit rolls, and other carb heavy stuff. Eat only one modest serving of the main dish. Get up and leave the damn table. Pound more water if you need to top off the tank.
    It just comes down to remembering while you are sitting there that you are going to have to run all this crap off over the next months. My $.02.
  8. 24Carat
    Late night PB on crackers with a glass of milk is my downfall.
  9. Hoosierbuck
    Once I brush my teeth, no food or anything but water until morning.
  10. Hoosier8
    The key to binges is to limit high glycemic foods to keep your sugar levels even. When they dip is when you binge because you crave carbs to boost your sugar level.
    All carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels, but the effect varies widely. For example, a glass of orange juice will cause a much quicker rise in blood sugar than a bowl of oatmeal, which takes longer because of the type of carbohydrate and amount of fiber.

    A low GI diet was originally designed for diabetics but the last time I lost 50 lbs I ate a low GI diet and it really helps keep that hunger in check.

    One quick rule of thumb, don't eat anything white. For instance, high GI foods are things like regular potatoes while sweet potatoes are low GI foods. White bread is high GI.

    There are plenty of GI indexes on the web. I think it is around 55-50 or lower are the foods you should eat. It works.
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