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Fitness goals

  1. Hoosierbuck
    Weight goals are good. They give you a number to shoot for. They really don't motivate me, personally, though.
    Here is what motivates me: a goal for a fitness milestone.
    My most recent one: get in good enough shape to play rugby again. (At 41, this is no joke.)
    Other ones I have used:
    *Sign up for and commit to run a race (5k, 10k, 25k, half marathon, marathon, mini-triathlon, etc.)
    *Commit to a fundraising effort. Once you put it out there, and get people to support it you CAN NOT back down. (Walked 40 miles on my 40th B-Day, raised $ for the Wounded Warrior Project.)

    What do you want to be able to do with your hard-won fitness? Set a goal, plan your work, then work your plan.
    What do you want to do, and what regimen are you pursuing to get it?
  2. hacksawfg
    Hehe, I want to be able to go on an elk hunt and pack out my kill. Not quite sure how I'm going to prepare, maybe load a backpack with about 100 lbs. and find some big hills to hike up all day...
  3. Hoosierbuck
    That goal is a tough one! How about a 50# backpack, a tall stairwell, and put a plastic bag over your head with 3 small holes in it to simulate the thin air??
    (Joking about the last part)

  4. Hoosierbuck
    Playing rugby Saturday in Elkhart. All welcome. Look for the post in general discussion.
  5. Hoosier8
    My goals.
    Bike 1 hour every other day, 3 days a week, keeping my heart within a range of 115 to 138 beats per minute. I quit doing squats after getting bursitis.
    Upper body workout every other day 3 days a week. Four basic exercises, bench press, overhead press, pullups, and rows increasing weight by 5 lb each visit. The extra that I rotate is kneeling pulldown crunch (can't do regular ones), terrible threes (flutter kicks, hello dolly, and leg lifts one after the other), and planks.
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