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  1. lionsntigers
    If anybody out there has any good ideas that are REALISTIC for losing some weight, I'd appreciate a heads up..thanks!!
  2. hacksawfg
    It's kind of a pain in the behind, but counting calories has really helped me. It doesn't even have to be exact, just try to get some kind of idea of serving sizes, etc. and try and stick with that. Any exercise you do will then just help you lose weight. Some other stuff I've found helpful -

    - drink lots of water, helps you feel full, plus it's healthy
    - eat fruits/vegetables for snacks - last night I got hungry and had about 12 cherry tomatoes, took the edge off and only about 30 calories. Celery, carrots, etc. instead of chips.
    - little things like taking stairs instead of elevators, etc.
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