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INGO Taurus Owners

  1. IndyBeerman
    Welcome fellow INGO Taurus owners, everyone else has their group why don't we!
  2. paulgl26
    i recognize that 1911
    Currently I carry one of those "other" plastic pistols but I love my PT 145 Pro also .
  4. LPMan59
    i ordered a High Noon Split Decision for my 709 yesterday. i already have the pocket grabber, but a tuckable holster will be much better me thinks. anyone else carry a 709?
  5. IndyBeerman
    jpaolgl26 said "i recognize that 1911"

    I sure hope that you recognize that PT-1911, she is FINE and all mine now!
  6. Calvin
    PT1911 Owner. I am very pleased with it.
  7. mkelsey
    Own a pt145 and looking to add a 709, and maybe one of the .380 TCP's if I ever see one.
  8. swmp9jrm
    A PT-709 is my carry gun, and I'm getting ready to pick up a PT-1911.

    EDIT: Now own the PT-1911 as well - a DuoTone.

    EDIT: And now I've added a DuoTone PT-145. It will be my new carry once I get a few hundred rounds through it.
  9. IndyBeerman
    Been thinking about a 709 to alternate between the 809 and it, my best friend should be getting 2 in about 3 weeks, one for him and his wife.
  10. smiley69_300
    I own a 605. I have been having problems with .38 special and .38 special +p ammo jamming after firing the 1st round. When I go to pull the hammer back the casing has slide back and keeps the revovler from revolving. But I shot .357 Blazer ammo out of it and it shot like a dream. I just dont know what to do. This is my very first handgun.
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