M&P Owners Group

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  1. jd3772000
    Welcoming all the M&P owners to the group. Post some pics, comments, or anything u have to say about the M&P line.
  2. LLDJR
    Picked up a M&P .40, are there any Pro 9mm users?
  3. LLDJR
    I have an M&P Pro on it's way!
  4. 360
    Thanks for the invite. I haven't got a chance to fire her yet since I just bought it 2 hours ago.
  5. derrickgoins
    Already own an M&P 9mm FS and am going to pick up a M&P compact sooner than later.
  6. actop19
    Love the M&P line! I have a M&P45 fs,no safety,or mag disconnect, best out of the box handgun I have ever owned (less recoil than most of the 9mms I own), and a M&P15X, that is my baby! Has anyone tried the laser guide rod,for the pistols yet?
  7. chef larry
    chef larry
    Glad to see there are more lovers of thr M&P. Mine is the .40c with CT laser.
  8. MrSmithWesson
    I love collecting all of them! Never have yet to have a problem
  9. peloe16
    just bought my first one. 9mm.....yes!
  10. ViperJock
    Hey, just joined this group so "Hey." I have a .40, shoot IDPA with a 9 and USPSA with a 9L. Haven't met an M&P I didn't like, Haven't shot a compact but am thinking about getting one. Thoughts?
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