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M14/ M1A Owners Group

  1. one more
    one more
    Hello Everybody here, sounds like a Great Group if you ask me! No dit-cam here so no photos at this time.
  2. slars1327
  3. glocktoys
    i have a m1a ma9103 but find my dpms lr308 is shorter so now i need a new stock (has a birch stock now). anyone have a stock that adjust length (collapsible?) with a pistol grip
  4. ViperJock
    Just got a SOCOM II. Any thoughts on a sling or tactical stock for this? I would like to make it a little more carry friendly.
  5. red_zr24x4
    Can I come play too? I've got pictures!
    In February I bought 1 raffle ticket from the South West Michigan friends of the NRA for a brand spanking new Springfield M1A, I got the call early April that I won it!!
    courtesy photo to follow--
  6. Redtbird
    Just found this group this morning. I am in the process of getting a Springfield M-1A. Hopefully I will have it within the next few days. Have already found some mags and ordered some ammo for it. Can't wait to take it to the range!
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