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M14/ M1A Owners Group

  1. 4sarge
    OK, you got me, I don't own one yet but plan to ASAP
  2. Rotor Talker
    Rotor Talker
    Motivated to get some good pics. I have a standard version, love it, one of the best gun investments ever!

    Thanks for creating this group
  3. Slow Hand
    Slow Hand
    I need to get some good pics of my chopped down Norinco M14. It's a handful!
  4. Lock n Load
    Lock n Load
    Welcome guys.... hopefully more will join in later. And post some pics!!!
  5. turnandshoot4
    I'd post pics of my babies but I can't figure out how to post them. It's not the same as posting in the forum.

    Go M1A's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. El Cazador
    El Cazador
    I'm in. I'm sure no expert with it, and I've cut back shooting it for a while, but I'm thinking heavily towards a Scout for my next rifle. I'll take some pictures and post it later.
  7. SmileDocHill
    Just bought one yesterday at an estate auction. Long time dream realized... check.
  8. cannoncocker
    Hi. I only have one, but it's a great shooter!
  9. harleyindys
    Hi ,I am new to forum got rifle got amo now I need to get some mags
  10. Lock n Load
    Lock n Load
    I just picked up another preban M1A from a local shop, all USGI components at a great price too!!! Thread in the rifle section and I'll post a pic when I take some better ones.

    They are out there, I just happened onto this one.... lucky find.
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