madison-grant counties

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  1. koenig clone
    koenig clone
    There don't seem to be to many members from this area yet. hopefully that will change. stop in and say hi.
  2. SnoopLoggyDog
    Hello from Greentown, Howard County.
  3. koenig clone
    koenig clone
    fairmount here, good to see you.
  4. SnoopLoggyDog
    Maybe we should expand the group to include Howard, Miami and Tipton Counties and see what happens?

    BTW, do you ever make it up to McDonalds Guns Shop near Gas City? I don't know of any other shops near Fairmont.
  5. Richard
    Anderson on this end!
  6. DiamProducer
    Anderson as well
  7. koenig clone
    koenig clone
    in hindsight i should have included those counties. don't know how to update it now. lets tell them all they are welcome to join
  8. bass4x4
    Hi, I'm from Anderson.
  9. bass4x4
    I pretty sure there is a gun shop in Fairmount, had a flyer on it from Deer Creek Conservation Club.

  10. erik7941
    Hey, I'm from Pendleton
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