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  1. cce1302
    I know there are plenty of current and former Marines here, so join up.
  2. Walter Zoomie
    MOS 2512, Field Wireman, 1984-1992, Reservist, DetCommCo HQBN 4thMarDiv, Indianapolis, -attached to DetCommCoHQBN4MarDiv for Desert Shield/Storm Saudi Arabia/Kuwait. Separated from service with honorable discharge...

    Even though I was a slime-ball reservist, and no where near a hero, the Fi is still strong.
  3. Jay
    2531, 8652 RVN... Jun '66, - May 68

    Semper Fi all........ If you get close to Marion, IN.... holler and we'll go shoot.
  4. tenring
    2847-Ground Radio Repair, Crypto Associate, 16 months in beautiful downtown Vietnam, 3 R&R's in Bangkok [best part of the whole enlistment]. Lost part of my hearing during the Tet Offensive of '68 when Charlie got our bomb dump and the whole thing went up at once [still jumpy to this day]. Lot of KIA's at the dump, most survivors went home with injuries or got out due to complete loss of hearing. Love my guns and long range shooting. Semper Fi!
  5. Biggdogg
    0326 - Recon - '87-'92 - Saudi & Iraq in '90, Somalia '91-'92

    Oohhrahh and Semper Fi!!
  6. Stainer
    3521/0411 - Mechanic - '04-'08 - Iraq 05-06 and again 07-08 20 months total. Spent the last year and a half with 2nd EOD company, turns out you don't have to be EOD to have fun, you just have to be their logistics guy! If you think tannerite makes a big boom, you should see 10 lbs of C4 on top of a lot of Iraqi ordnance. Makes a pretty light show at 0100

    Semper Fi
  7. semperfi211
    I was active duty from 85 to 91. Mos 6332, avionics on A-4's. Most of my time with VMA-211 "Wake Island Avengers"at El Toro Ca. Went on westpac with VMA-211 in 87. Went on westpac 88 with VMA-214 "Blacksheep". My two westpacs went to Iwakuni,Okinawa,Wake Island,Thailand,Korea, and Subic Bay,oh my god the memories of Subic LOL!!
  8. knobcreeknut
    88-92 MOS 2531 field radio operator. 12th marines 89-90 in Okinawa. 9th comm btln 90-92 desert storm vet
  9. JNT0421
    0431 - Logistics & Embarkation, 1986-2003..... Units include VMO-2, MAG-39,
    I&I Fort Sheridan, VMFAT-101, 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, 1st Marine Regiment
  10. Bushido Devil Dog
    Bushido Devil Dog
    A few comm dogs in here!
    2841 Ground Radio Repairman, 1988-1993 (active) 1996-1998 (Reserves, DetCOMM Company Indy)
    9th ESB Okinawa 1990-91, deployed to Subic Bay during Desert Storm (someone had to protect the honeykos from Saddam! ;-), H & S Bn Parris Island, 1991-1993
    Semper Fi, Devil Dogs!!
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