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Morgan County Folk

  1. csaws
    Figured it was about time we had a space of our own.
  2. jmac111
    Hi I am in the Mooresville area.
  3. csaws
    Martinsville (ish), here
  4. csaws
    Well this obviously flopped.
  5. riverman67
    Hey it didn't flop I just found it
    I'm in Mooresville
  6. csaws
    Welcome riverman
  7. x10
    Hi I'm about live about 5 miles due East of martinsville, I'm a member of
    Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club and Hoosier Hills Rifle and Pistol Club, I take accuracy pretty serious but not a benchrester, I believe you should be able to carry the gun that shoots well if anything happens locally let me know
  8. csaws
    Anywhere near 252 or 44?
  9. Lucas156
    Grew up in Morgan County family lives there-live in Greenwood so I thought Id join
  10. Lock n Load
    Lock n Load
    Reporting in, Better late than never....

    If I was any farther West I would be in Monrovia or farther South its Brooklyn/ Martinsville....

    Member of the Martinsville Consv. Club since the late '80s, joined while home on leave one year. Used to part time at Bradis back in the late '80s - mid 90s.
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