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Info on the Muncie Rifle and Pistol Club

  1. BigGuyinMuncie
    What sort of guns can you use in their range? Anybody know how to get info for membership? My name is Mike and I am looking to get into something closer than the range in New Castle or my Aunt's place on the other side of the Reservoir. Would like to hook up with others that enjoy the range
  2. MuncieKat
    It's a basic, no frills private club and range. 50 ft. No fancy automatic targets (you have to walk down range to hang up and retrieve). Members can use the range 24 hrs a day (get your own key). Only about $100 per year. Range fee of 50 cents per visit.
    They have pistol and rifle leagues. No magnum loads or +p ammo. No shotgun. Brass only. No more than 5 rounds in a magazine at a time. I can look up more details if you like. The way to check it out and join is to go to the monthly club meeting. You have to pass a very basic range test. Also have to get your completed application notarized, and then wait until the club officially approves your membership. Location is 2001 West 12th. Street. Monthly meeting is on the third Tuesday of the month, 7pm.

    Let me know if you want more info. We can bring a guest also if you want to meet up to try the range first.
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