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New Muncie Gun Shop Needed!

  1. MuncieKat
    With the unfortunate and likely permanent demise of Ludco, there seems to be a bigger opportunity than ever for someone to open a new gun shop in the Muncie area. A range too. Anybody have the capital, business, and political ability to do it?
  2. dagibson1507
    Ive got a location, im just not sure about all the legalities. Ive got some capital just not enough for a full blow shop. The nice thing though is its zoned heavy industrial/mixed commercial. It also has room for an indoor range as things expand. Im looking into it and researching. Would be nice just to have some place around that does reasonable priced transfers. I work in marion so its only 15$ there but thats far for muncie residents.
  3. sigmachijc
    We need to find a Muncie Millionaire.
  4. Gillclaypot
    You guys know there is a new shop on Mcgalliard now dont you?
  5. Boz
    I haven't been in the shop on McGalliard yet. Is it any good?

    What's the gun inventory like? Ammo prices and selection?

    Even before Ludco's imploded, I stopped going there. I probably spent $3000+ there over the years and always got the vibe that the guy thought I was bothering him if I asked to look at a gun. Too bad, he really did have an excellent inventory. I just spent my money elsewhere.

    I've been to Crackshot in Anderson several times, but the selection is pretty limited.
  6. old shoe
    old shoe
    there one in winchester buckshots nice people
  7. old shoe
    old shoe
    there one in ridgevill called friends
  8. bthomas
    I second the one in Winchester, great people and very kid friendly. My son (age 11) asked a question about a pistol in the case, and without any hesitation Tom (one of the owners) pulled it out of the case and handed it to him. Prices very reasonable. I hear allot of new customers come in and say "you have some nice prices". They have a nice selection of fobus paddle holsters and some cheaper ones, some archery accessories, bullets powders and primers, traps.
    If you get the chance to stop by its worth the time, and gas.
  9. Street Glide 2013
    Street Glide 2013
    Visited the Winchester shop this weekend ("Buckshots" I believe). Like all shops right now, not much inventory. My brother but a shoulder holster and I bought a gun case. The workers seemed like decent guys. I will visit again.

    There is a place in Eaton called RTS. Just visited it last weekend as well. Smaller place, but prices were not inflated even in the current environment. They also did not have much inventory. I was able to pick up a magazine. Its definitely a mom and pops store. The wife was working when I was there. She was nice.
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