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Are we getting tired of these Groups?!

  1. HenryWallace
    All four groups that I've joined haven't had a reply since last year at least! I'm somewhat new to the INGO world, but I'm old school in my community givings. I guess I don't know what the validity of having groups actually is. Any thoughts would of course be welcome. A whimper, a scream, just a little life spark out there.
  2. shadow6492
    Wow totally forgot about the group! What's new?
  3. HenryWallace
    Not sure about what someone would consider new, as I'm new to the forum game myself. I do like the open mindedness out here, as new legistative attacks have driven the people into hiding their standard reactions behind an all too PC compliance.

    Don't mean to get deep, but I'm almost ready to leave these forums because people are losing faith in themselves and continue to put it into legislative authorities, of which almost none are actually chosen by the masses.

    This site has been about the closest that I've found to actually bringing back the actual community that we all long for. So I hope that there is something more with Friends, and Groups on this site, as there had been in past years and needs to be in present and future.
  4. fyver
    Great to meet you all! Just joined and I'm from Kosciusko County.
  5. HenryWallace
    Welcome. I'm in the Fort, Allen County. Glad to see more life out here.
  6. Legba
    Hey all. Live in Lagrange county but work in Fremont/Angola. Thought I would add another to the ranks.
  7. HenryWallace
    Ok, too many posts from me means that I look at this all too much... SO whats the point of groups anyway?
    Do we get together and hit the range? Do we have our kids run around the house while we drink a few beers and talk lack of democracy in the backyard? Do we go camping with the children on shared land? Are we a community?
    I'm new to the whole forum ideal. Is there a chance that the agenda at hand will drive us together into a fortified forefront? Do I think too hard , or are we all living by the same standards and ready to converge our thinking into a great and powerful community? You tell me.
    I've got the fam, the private little ranges, the time on the weekends, the knowledge and the firearms to have a good time and still hang onto what I'd like to call LIFE.
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