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  1. Kcustom45
    Kimber didn't know what to think of the icy snow yesterday. Try as she might she could not seem to get the speed she normally does. It was also quite funny to watch her try to stop and/or change direction quickly.

  2. Kcustom45
    E5RANGER375 "she likes to fetch sticks, twigs, logs and small trees, lol. my deck looks like a burn pile."
  3. Kcustom45
    Bradsknives "Shelby came down with an ear infection this past Friday....I noticed that she was shaking her head a lot. Sheila and I got her to the vet and now she is on a daily ear cleaning treatment and antibiotics. Doc said she probably got snow in her ears and thats what caused it. She loves to play in the snow and will do head dives (nose first) into the snow.

    Speaking of fetching....Shelby has a lot of ball drive. She will fetch a ball or a Frisbee and bring it back to arm gets tired of throwing before she ever gets tired. "
  4. Kcustom45
    E5RANGER375 "thats funny Brad.mine is the same. she just goes nuts in the snow. her nose is like a snow plow. she also loves to play fetch. she doesnt always wanna release though when she brings it back. lol."
  5. Kcustom45
    E5RANGER375 "mine killed a squirrel yesterday. I was such a proud daddy "
  6. Kcustom45
    Bradsknives "Squirrel...that's awesome! Shelby has not gotten a chance at a squirrel. The squirrels around here are educated because our older dog goes after them ever chance he gets. She is very interested in birds though and will chase them or try and sneak up on them when they are on the ground."
  7. Kcustom45
    I dropped Kimber off at the vet this morning for her spaying. My only concern is that she loves to play with her big sister, so I am going to have to watch them closely so she doesn't overexert herself.
  8. Kcustom45
    Bradsknives "I hope everything goes well for Kimber. Are you using the laser procedure or the traditional cut & stitch? Shelby has an appointment to be spayed on March 1st....for an extra $43 our vet will use a laser which I understand causes less bleeding. "
  9. Kcustom45
    She came through like a champ. She did nothing (not even eat) but lounge around the day she had it done. Our other dog even gave her space for the most part, although she was very interested in smelling her every chance she got.

    I hadn't heard about a laser method. She got the traditional cut & stitch, but the stitches are under the skin(?) so it bothers her less. At least that is what the vet said.

    1 day later she is pretty much back to her normal self although I am still trying to keep her calm for at least a couple more days, and that is not an easy task.
  10. Kcustom45
    Bradsknives "Good to hear that Kimber is doing well. If she is anything like Shelby, keeping her calm will be a full time job! "
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