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    I special ordered a gun from PSS and they told me it'll be 4 days and to call on x day to see if it's in. I like I've been a longtime customer, I like they leave me alone, ask if they can help me and I say no just looking and they leave me alone until I need them. Can't beat their prices, and Bob will deal with you fair on trade ins on gun you bought from him.

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    I stopped in today briefly, and heard someone else come in and ask Bob the following while I was in there (I didn't even look up to see the person to describe them)... and I'll have to admit, I was surprised Bob just didn't lay into the guy due to the amount of this kind of stuff, I know he has to deal with.

    Customer: "uhm... I saw this gun I want on the internet... uhm, and they said I have to have it shipped to an FFL"
    Bob: "I'm sorry, couldn't quite hear you..."
    Customer: "Uhm... I'm looking to get this gun on the internet and said I have to have it shipped to an FFL... are you an FFL?"
    Bob: "Yep" (That's where I figured Bob was going to school the guy, but guessing he has had his full of ignorance and just rolls with it these days compared to what I may have seen just a few years ago even).
    Customer: "Uhm... is there any charge for that?"
    Bob: "$20"

    And guy walks out... thought it was interesting, now he may have already been in and looked at what he wanted and priced it elsewhere/internet, etc, but didn't sound like it, and never even looked in the case or asked Bob if he had it, price, etc. Also, thought it was a bit amusing that he had no idea that Bob had to be an FFL, but then again, he probably had no idea what an FFL is.

    On the other side of this, I learned that Bob apparently does transfers for $20.
    Now I'll admit, I never inquired at PSS about transfers, as I just didn't get the vibe that they would like to do them, and while I have bought quite a few firearms and done some trading with Bob, because his prices are usually pretty good, I generally drive down to USDS for transfers as their price and service on transfers has been awesome.

    So, I'll ask here... anyone done a transfer with PSS? If so, how did it go?
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    I like Bob. Bought my first pistol from him 17 years ago. One time I went in (old shop) and had my kids with me. He had a big bag of suckers behind the counter. Kids love suckers and they talk alot less when eating them. Bob is wise.

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    I went there for the first time yesterday. Surprised by the selection of firearms and reloading supplies. Prices seemed fair.
    I halfway expected the usual jerk gun store owner, but didn't get that at all. Service from everyone was very good.

    I will definitely be back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    I have not been into the new store yet. I have looked for it in passing but not seen it. I realize to in there means I will be pulling funds or plastic out and leaving with something new. It is just the way of things
    What he ^^ said, almost.

    Look for the Arby's, and go behind it to the parking lot. You won't miss Bob's storefront from there.
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    I miss the sign in front of the old shop on US-40:
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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyinAvon View Post
    I miss the sign in front of the old shop on US-40:
    I chuckled at that when I went there last. Bought my P320 from Bob. Made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

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