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    Tackle service center in Mooresville

    Tackle Service Center

    I'm new here so if this has been posted before, well, here goes again.

    As the name implies, guns are a sideline for them, but they do transfers and they have a website where you can order and pay for guns, ammo et cetera and pick it up at their shop. I've bought quite a few guns from them over the last few years. It has been cheaper for me than finding the same gun on GunBroker.
    I've lived in this area for a long time and didn't know until a few years ago they were a FFL. My bad, I don't fish that much. Anyhow it's a local mom and pop business, they're good folks. If you're in easy driving distance of Mooresville, shop their website and give them some business.

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    I used to transfer my purchases through them. About a year 1/2 ago I bought a gun and listed them as my transfer/shipping. I was told they were not on the list and they let their FFL license lapse. So now I use Martinsville Guns LLC. I might try SNT in plainfield on my next purchase.

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