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    Gunsmithing: Loaner Tool Program

    STOP Before posting in this thread review the rules in entirity. This is not the place to post if you want to borrow a tool or have a beneficial suggestion for the thread. Please only post in this thread if you have a tool to loan. List the tool and your conditions of loaning it. Please handle all tool requests and information exchanges via PM. Tool owners, if you recieve questions about your tools update your reply that lists the tool to reflect the answer so we can keep this thread clean and minimize future questions about your tool.

    This thread was inspired by multiple requests I've seen over the years of people wanting to do a one-time repair of so & so firearm but they don't have the tools and the investment is too great for the occasional repair. On the other side of the fence, we may have individuals that have made that investment but don't use their tools frequently enough to justify always having them around. I fit in the latter group. I have tools that primarily sit in the drawer of my tool-box. I would much rather see them used.

    What is the purpose?
    The purpose is for people that have a tool available to loan out to other members to post that tool here. In the spirit of the thread, I don't want to see tool rentals. Please do not post a rental fee. If you wish to rent tools to others take that to the classifieds.

    So what do I gain then?
    You don't gain anything except helping another member out and if that member wishes to tip you they may.

    Won't I lose money if I have to ship?
    You may charge for reimbursement of shipping fees. I certainly hope that any honorable member would be ok paying shipping fees for free tool rental.

    What if somebody damages my tool beyond repair?
    It would be expected of a reputable member to reimburse the owner for tools damaged beyond repair and/or pay for repair of tools that can be repair. However that is a dispute between you and that member. You may choose who to loan tools to. I recommend you check out a members "Classifieds feedback" before loaning to them for this purpose. I am posting this thread only to facilitate such a program. The ownership of, the moderators, nor myself are liable to loss, damage, theft etc. All transactions are between the owner and borrower of the tools.

    What other fees may I charge?
    You may charge misc fees that are reasonable. For example, I have a barrel vice I can loan out. However, a barrel vice is no good without a bushing matched to the barrel. Occasionally I will have to make a custom bushing for a person's barrel. This costs me time and material. My past agreement has been "whatever you feel is fair for my material cost, I will eat the labor because I keep the bushing just in case it will work for somebody's future project" In a situation like that you may charge if you have to make a custom piece/part/modification to the tool in order for the person to use it. Lets try to keep things reasonable though. This is a loaner program, not a money-making affair. I hope we can all be respectful of one-another. Owner's, don't charge a large amount for things like this. Borrowers, if the owner leaves it up to you in the amount of a tip don't short him. On it. I haven't had a problem with this before but I've been very selective in who I allow to borrow my tools.

    Other rules:

    People loaning tools have the right to refuse to ANYBODY they want. It is their tool, they don't have to let you use it. They may refuse to you because you called them a no-good, lousy, doo-doo head in a thread about your favorite breed of dog 5 years ago. It's unfortunate, but the fact is that you hurt their feelings and have failed to resolve the conflict like adults, suck it up and take like an adult. Attempt to make amends with that member and hopefully you will be permitted to use the tool in the future.

    Tools that may be loaned: Just about anything necessary to work on guns but lets be realistic. Unless your screw-driver is a super-duper mega-deluxe special that is specifically for use with firearms or a specific model of firearm it can probably be assumed that other members have screw-drivers. Suggestions for what would be beneficial is action wrenches, barrel vices, scope/optics installations tools to include torque wrenches, bedding tools, tap & die* tools that most people wouldn't have, muzzled device installation tools, drive pins, roll-pin punch sets, sight pusher tools, and any other firearms related tool that would be helpful.

    * Note, taps & dies are consumable and commonly get broken you may want to be cautious loaning out your one-of-a-kind custom order tap for XYZ custom rifle Canooter threads)

    If there is a popular tool, to save members shipping costs and time it may be a good idea to just forward the tool to the next person on the list instead of sending it back to the seller. This will be determined by seller preference.

    Rules for tools that have a waiting list and/or are being sent from user>user vs user>owner>user:

    Lets be honest. If the first person on the list puts a tip in the box for the owner, that tip is not for you, keep it in the box and add to it if the tool was helpful to you. This will be critical to a successful program.

    If there is a waiting list try to be respectful on the time you take to get the tool moving on to the next person. If you can't complete the repaire in 2-3 weeks then don't get on the list. If something comes up right before you are supposed to get the tool and won't be able to use it for "X period" contact the person that has it and have them forward it to the next person or two on the list and then come back to you when you are ready.

    If you desire to be put on a waiting list PM the member with the tool to loan. That member shall update the posting of their tool to include a current list of members waiting for the tool.

    Each member on the list: when you get the box with the tool in it PM the owner so he knows you received it. In your PM you should include comments about the tools condition and any tip amounts currently included. When you are finished with the tool PM the member so he knows you are done and you have shipped it to the next person. Tell him if you damaged the tools in any way and inform him of any tip amount in the box.

    The above notification system will do 2 things. #1 By keeping this info in PM's it will keep this thread from getting junked up with a bunch of replies. The intent is for the replies to only be loaner tools so keep all other discussions to PM if possible. #2 Using the above tracking system will allow the owner to track who does what damage to a tool and who stole the tip money from the box.

    Disclaimer: I tried to cover everything on the rules but these will obviously have to be "molded" as we go and as problems/questions arise. Please feel free to PM your thoughts to me and I will edit these rules as I see fit. Of course, if the mods see anything wrong with this lets discuss it via PM and try to get it straightended out. I've seen similar programs be very successful on other forums, I want it to succeed here as well. I have nothing to gain from this except to allow my tools to be used by other. I consider this a public service.

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    My tools available for loan:

    Sig 55X series receiver vice/wrench:
    Less-than-impressed with the $100+ CO Gun Sales receiver wrench that is hard to get and possibly could damage the receiver on an especially tight barrel/receiver fit, I designed and made my own action wrench of 4130 steel that grips the receiver right on the front trunion to minimize the risk of damage to the receiver or trunion. I cannot 100% guarant this will fit your receiver, I matched it to mine but it should fit. Ask questions via PM. Shipping cost is $5.95 in a USPS small flat-rate box.

    Barrel Vice:
    I have a real barrel vice made from 4130 steel. The vice bolts to a table/work-bench etc using two 1/2-20 UNF bolts that are included. You may clamp the vice as well but for tough barrels that will probably not work. You can make your own bushing if you have the ability or I can make one for you (bushing OD is 1.475"). Conditions are: If I have to make a custom bushing for your barrel the bushing is my property and shall be returned with the vice unless you want to pay me for the bushing. My material cost for each bushing is about $2. A tip is not expected to cover material cost but it is much appreciated. You are getting the sweet end of the deal here, shop-labor in a machine shop to make a custom one-off bushing would likely be $50+. In order for me to make a custom bushing you will need to measure your barrel accurately untilizing a measurement tool that measures reliably in increments of .001" I have the right to refuse this service to anybody for any reason. Don't take it personally, I have a very busy personal life and it may just be that I don't have the time to make a custom bushing. That being said, as I add bushings to my inventory I will list them here so you will know if I have one already or if I will need to make a custom bushing. All questions/request should be made by PM. Shipping cost is $5.95 in a USPS small flat-rate box.

    Conditions of my loaner tools:
    I am open to shipping directly to the next member if a waiting list should develop. Borrower to cover all shipping costs. Tip appreciated on material cost for custom bushing and whatever you feel is fair for the use of the vice.
    I am also open to meeting face-to-face for anybody in the area or passing through. I also pass through Indy/Anderson/Ft Wayne area occasionally and we can meet up as long as you're patient with my schedule.
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    Going to add another one...

    Hot-Wire Foam Cutter:
    I have a "hot-wire" foam cutter for custom cutting fitted foam for gun cases etc. It's open to use by any reputable member. The only catch is that it's not really "shippable" so we would have to meet up FTF somewhere near my home or an area I regularly travel... Small donations are appreciated if you break a bunch of wire (cost is about $.20/wire so if you break a bunch of them it comes out of my pocket).

    Also, it's made primarily from scrap materials so it's not super pretty or anything, but it is functional...

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    I have .308 Clymer go no-go guages and pin guages from a FAL build I did.They're just sitting on the shelf, let me know if ya want to borrow.

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    I have the special pliers for turning the nut when installing the flash hider/front sight on an M-14/M1A rifle.

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    The following tools I own are loanable.
    Please contact me by PM.

    Go - No Go, and Field, gages for 30-06
    The gages are Clymer's, as recommended by the CMP.

    Williams Sight Pusher
    This pusher is designed for dovetail sights mounted on a ramp.
    AKA Ruger 10-22.
    I struggled with a 10-22 front sight for days, with this tool it took
    only a minute to remove the sight.

    10-22 safety button install tool
    After losing a couple of the safety plungers and springs I made
    this tool to install the safety button in a 10-22 trigger assembly.
    I can send photo and instructions for making the tool if you like; pm me.

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    I have a Wheeler Action Wrench #2. This will work on Remington 700 actions. I would be happy to loan it to anyone who needs it.

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