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    S&W Revolver Parts?

    I recently purchased a nickel Model 36 Chiefs Special with a 68-69 manufacture date and am needing to know where I might be able to find a couple parts. Specifically, an extractor rod and side plate screws. The gun is in beautiful shape with the exception of those small parts and I'm having trouble finding them. I've been watching Numrich but haven't had any luck.

    Also, would those parts from other J frames in that time period fit?

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    Smith & Wesson is your friend. Exactly the right parts and the pricing is reasonable. I have replaced all the screws in every S&W I have bought used because people use hardware store screwdrivers instead of hollow ground gun smith screwdrivers

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    +1 for S&W
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    May want to check Brownells. I have had good luck finding some S$W parts there.

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