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Thread: Bead blasting

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    Bead blasting

    I picked up a older Ruger GP 100 and would like to get it bead blasted, is there any place around Indy that offers this service?

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    I had talked to USDS about doing my 640, but the cerakote guy wanted to put a clear coat on it after bead blasting. The clear coat made it a more expensive job and I had not heard of doing that with stainless. USDS didn't want to do a half ass job (in his mind) and I respect him for that.

    So I'm lookin for a bead blast too.
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    I've seen several Ruger Vaqueros bead blasted, but not clear coated after.

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    Not sure why you would clear coat any stainless steel firearm after bead blasting.... Also, if Cerakote were to be applied, a more aggressive media would be used for the blasting and note glass beads. You would likely not have the finish you were after.

    Andy Cree

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    I have bead blasted a few of my own , my favorite was a sig p229. never have used any clear afterwards. I could see using something I guess if you found out later it wasnt what you had thought it to be.
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    I could see how or why someone would want to clear Cerakote over a bare stainless finish, but that has more to do with the easy cleanup and lubricity that Cerakote provides. There are however certain stainless compositions that shouldn't be left bare as they will rust. Relatively easy to maintain on a firearm because you will be cleaning and oiling it. The problem would arise when trying to get Cerakote to stick to a bead blasted finish. It is my understanding that will not. Now, you could blast it with aluminum oxide like suggested and then clear Cerakote, but that will be a different look altogether. The beauty and advantage of bare bead blasted stainless is the quick and easy touch up to make it look like new.

    If you were closer, I'd offer to let you use my blaster while I watch.

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    Dependable Sandblasting at 610 W. Troy. Chuck does some nice work.
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    It would be nice to get some of my 3rd gen Smiths bead blasted.
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    Did you ever figure anything out?

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    I've got a small blasting gun from Harbor Freight with glass beads. I haven't done a pistol but it did a great jod on my titanium knives.

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