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    Exclamation Soda cans can kill you! AR-15 lower...

    I didn't think cans cast well. I guess I was wrong. This came out pretty nice.

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    Pretty freaken sweet!

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    Great video! I love watching guys make things. It also reminded me why I hate machining aluminum....


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    Man! I would love to have those tools.

    Oh yea! The skills too...
    "Si vis pacem, para bellum"

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    I would advise against pouring your molten aluminum in shorts.
    Necessity is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghuns View Post
    I would advise against pouring your molten aluminum in shorts.
    Depends on whats inside the shorts.
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    Thumbs up for skills.
    Thanks for posting that.
    The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle.

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    Impressive until he started shooting into the pond. Maybe he knows exactly what's on the other side.

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    Cool video! I like videos like these.. I wonder if he has made others with no numbers???

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    Cans cast fine. The problem with them is their so thin. That much surface area creates a large amount of waste that has to be skimmed because of the oxide coating.

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