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    Glock stipple in NWI

    Any recommendations for a local Glock stipple job in NWI, specifically lake or porter county? Most of the recommendations I found in the search were around Indy.

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    Ive thought about doing it myself, watched plenty of youtube videos but was too scared

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    You could try Copper Customs in Valpo. If they donít do it Iím sure they would have some recommendations.
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    Its not NWI, but there is a great option in NEI....P 4 Weapon Works. Jake is an artist with Glock frame mods. He has worked on 4 of my Glocks and I could not be happier! Not kidding...where some people just grind or melt...Jake is an artisan and will create a thing of beauty.

    He is located in Bluffton. Link to his website below.....
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    Hands down The Gun Spa in Valpo is the best.
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    Anyone have experience with belchers gunsmithing in Mishawaka? They have some good reviews online compared to some of these other places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turnandshoot4 View Post
    Hands down The Gun Spa in Valpo is the best.
    +1 Their cerakote work is beautiful too. They have plenty of pictures online too.

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