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    The Emco's are neat little machines... AFAIK, the only mill/lathe combo I know of that is even worth considering (they are a bit light-duty though so keep that in mind). Too bad they are so hard to find.

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    Ok, so looks like the machine really is the cheap part!!

    Here's some new tooling we just got......

    Indexable Lathe tools with carbide inserts...

    Indexable boring bar set with carbide inserts....

    Quick change tool post with holders an knurling attachment....


    MT2 Collet set...

    Dial indicator with stand... we now have 3 i think...

    And 20 piece, 2 flute and 4 flute endmills...

    Currently adapting the quick change tool post to fit the compound correctly.

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    Good score. I have a shop but no lathe. At one time we had a jeweler friend that trimmed all of his brass on his jewelers lathe. Keep us posted on your progress.

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    something you might like to watch for a learning experience on machining.
    MIT TechTV ? Machine Shop 1
    " Everybody in the world is ignorant.....Just about different things."

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    Looks like you're picking up a lot of cheap import accessories. Just be cautious, especially with the cutting tools themselves. You'll find that while a Chinese indicator may be close enough to work, a Chinese end-mills isn't even close to being good enough to work.

    I'm not saying this to beat you up, I've been there. I made the mistake of wasting my money on too many import cutting tools. Now I try to find lots of used or new, old-stock stuff listed on practicalmachinist, ebay, etc. I literally have thousands of end-mills now and I paid relatively little for them. Nobody used HSS anymore and you can pick up boxes of used HSS for not much more than the cost of shipping.

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    Thanks for the tip, i am on practical machinist an a few others like cnczone. My partner was mostly a lathe hand when he was working. The end mills were for me mainly something just to get rolling with.

    We are currently modifying the compound to fit the quick change tool post, which is basically replacing the base pin in the compound, boring and tapping it, turning down the center post of the QCTP and re threading it to the pin, so it fits right. If we ever switch back, we have the original base pin from the compound the swap back in.

    I originally was buying a mill because I wanted a punch and die to make blanks with. A local shop quoted me 560.00 for one for the smallest size, and I would have had 4k in them all before i was done, IF they all worked the way i wanted em to and hit everything perfect the first time when I drew em up. So it seemed the thing to do was buy a mill for much cheaper an learn to do it myself. Then if I CNC it I might be able to in-house the engraving of new dies, and other custom dies for people.

    We just bought some mitsubishi inserts for replacements, and will upgrade tooling as we can. I like to cast aluminum and the end mills seemed like they would be ok for me to get a feel for the machine an do some prototyping in aluminum or non heat treated steel.

    I do appreciate the advice and or critiques. This is get rolling while we watch for better stuff
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