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    New Toy To Get Started With

    Just got this moved in an bolted down tonight. Emco Maximat Compact MQ3100 made in Austria in about 1962. Everything tight with very very little wear. About a 1hp motor on the lathe and another on the mill. single phase 110. Cabinet enclosure we pick up tomorrow for the top. Apppr 24 inches between centers, partner said it can swing 10 inches over the ways. Weighs about 450 lbs.

    Got a bunch of lathe tools, 2- 4 jaw chucks, nice Jacobs chuck, Emco vice, Rotary table. Mill has a #2 MT taper so gonna be buying some collets and end mills.

    Tomorrow, we really dig into the cleaning the old gummy grease off, polishing it up and re-lubing it and making sure everything is indicated and trammed correctly.

    I know nothing about machining except what I've seen in videos so far, my partner and mentor in this is a retired machinist with 30 years experience and lives 2 doors down the road. We went in half on the machine. He's gonna teach me machining, and I teach him computer things. Sometime in the future when I have a good handle on manual machining we plan on getting a compund table for the saddle and I'll convert that to at least a 2 axis CNC.

    We both love guns and shooting and hopefully we can get into some parts making, and fixing and restoring some firearms. I know I wanna try a full profile comensator like Allen did for my 1911, and if I can get the prints, I've always wanted a sharps falling block rifle.

    I dunno, first steps on a journey, I'm excited and wanted to share.

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    Kurr - that is awesome!! You will love it.

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    Pretty cool toy.
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    Very cool, I too know nothing about machining. What I do like too see and hear, is that you both are going to help one another. We need more of this on a Nation wide scale. Instead of the "every man for himself" mentality.
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    Very nice . Machining is something I definitely want to learn . Good luck and keep us posted

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    Quality Machine! Good Score!
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    Nice machine......after 30 years as a tool maker I am still this adventure is just begun......

    Keep the ways clean, oiled, and safety glasses on your face.....


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    I Care...Really
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    Very nice set up.

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    Sweet! Those are skills that can be very valuable. Nice looking set up...definitely starting from a good place.
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