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    Bro. Not the red loc-tite. NEVER the red loc-tite. Blue. Always the blue and only then IF someone authoritative has recommended it.
    Justin B. - "Make them watch Wonder Woman. They'll molon labe after that!"

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    Smile You are "Out of your Comfort Zone"

    "If I'm looking down the sights, I'm turning to the left (which should be loosening from what I understand). I don't know what to do next, so if anyone could help that would be ideal. "

    ^^^If you have the butt stock on your shoulder (shooters position), the barrel nut should be turned CLOCKWISE...I do not know what "to the left" is??

    For ME..As a retired Auto Master Tech, with over 60 years of using my hands + tools, I can tell you that not all people are qualified to do mechanical repair...

    I am MUCH LESS Book Smart than A LOT of people on this forum, but as far as general mechanical knowledge, I take a back seat to no one..

    IMO--Stick to what you know, and pay someone else for the rest..Not that a person can not learn, but practice on something that is already "Broken"..

    Flame on..Bill..
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