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    Traditions SA 357 cylinder lock up issues

    I just acquired a Traditions 357 SA revolver. When I cock the hammer, the cylinder advances and positions itself correctly with about a 1/8" of play when I wobble the cylinder. However, when the hammer is down(not cocked), I can move the cylinder about a 1/2", almost to the next firing position. In other words, the cylinder isn't locking.

    Does anyone have a idea of what might be causing this? Definitely have to fix this, but I'd like a little knowledge about the issue before I take it to someone for repair.
    Thank for the advice.

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    It could be gummed up inside or something broke. I would take it to a good SA gunsmith. There's a big SASS group in your area so I know someone there has to know how to work on them. Reach out to Michigan Slim on this forum if you can't find a good smith and ask him who can work on it. You may also want to reach out to Leadeye and tell him the issues. He brings old Colt SAs back to life so I bet he will know whats wrong.

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    It's either related to bolt fit in the cylinder slots or a bad trigger/bolt spring, the latter is an easy fix, just replace it, and sounds like what the problem is. Bolt fit problems are more rare, usually when a cylinder has been changed or a new bolt fitted. They take some sanding and polishing. You shouldn't be able to move the cylinder much at all with the hammer down or at full cock.
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    Thanks for the info, I'll change the bolt spring and maybe I'll get lucky. If not, I'll be looking for some help.

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    In almost every case where I have seen this it is caused by either a broken bolt or, more often, by a broken bolt spring. The leaf springs that almost all of the manufacturers use on SA revolvers (except Ruger and Freedom Arms who wisely chose to use music wire coil springs instead) are the cheapest junk springs they can find. Buy at least three and keep them as spares.

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    Wolff sells a very durable wire spring to replace the flat leafs spring for the bolt/trigger spring. Iíve installed many over the years after breaking a flat spring. Noting wrong with a quality lead spring but you often find them to be too hard which leads to breaking.

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