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    +1 baseplate extension ?s

    Im wanting to add some length to my kahr cm9 grip and was looking at a galloway precision +1 extension. They are the same price as pearce grip extensions abd add a round but my real corcerns are with usng a stock 6 round cm9 mag spring with the +1. Since adding extra area in mag that would essentiallly weaken the mag spring. Should i get xtra power spring or get a stock 7 round mag spring? Anybody have any experience with the galloway +1 extension or other +extensions? Thanks

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    I've got 4 mags for my G43 all with the +1 or +2 extensions and they all work great with the original spring. Most are the Pearce and I can't remember the other one right now.
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    Why not use a Kahr 7 rnd. magazine with extended baseplate? Your situation is exactly what it is made for.
    They can be found used on eBay, Gun Broker, etc.

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